We are all humans. What defines us from one another is our approach to life and our personalities. Whether you have all the money, or no money being a decent person and respecting other people is just part of humanity and should just come natural to all, right? Also, by no means am i saying … Continue reading Humans



I try to portray myself as a confident upright person. I really do... i've said this before but I am know for doing the fake it till you make it kind of thing. Kind of like when you wag a dogs tail they become happy? Right, so honestly.. I'm not. Confidence is the most important … Continue reading Insecurities


I complain about a lot of people, and a lot of things. Its SAFE to say that i'm not an optimistic person. I don't/won't ever claim to be. I think i'm very hard on myself.. its not uncommon. What is uncommon is that I still feel like i'm doing nothing in my life. I wish … Continue reading Me