To my monster

Oh Monster how i loved you for too many years. Looked up to you, almost worshiped you. i needed your acceptance, no i craved your acceptance. I needed you to want me as much as i wanted you. I lived for your companionship, your love, your friendship, and loyalty. You treated me like i was … Continue reading To my monster



I try to portray myself as a confident upright person. I really do... i've said this before but I am know for doing the fake it till you make it kind of thing. Kind of like when you wag a dogs tail they become happy? Right, so honestly.. I'm not. Confidence is the most important … Continue reading Insecurities


How can the person you love so much hurt you and make you cry. Dear significant other here are the three stages of my love, To you- I will not tell you things if I don't want you to listen and remember them. I will not tell you irrelevant information, I will want to share … Continue reading Hurt