You’re crazy

you're crazy. you texted him 10 times you checked your phone 20 just to see if he had responded you need to chill you need to calm down, and forget it you need to not care but... i can't


Space isn't a bad thing. Quite frankly it is one of the factors in every relationship that you need to have. You have to be secure in yourself as you are in the relationship and thats why I probably shouldn't be in one at the moment. Space is one of those things where you need … Continue reading Space


Alright you guys.. I ¬†was going to come here and rant about how horrible my relationship is and everything. But instead I talked to my mom and she gave me some great advice. Actually referenced me to a poem by William Blake "eternity for an hour" SOO good! Actually guys if you have time.. all … Continue reading Wise


I try to portray myself as a confident upright person. I really do... i've said this before but I am know for doing the fake it till you make it kind of thing. Kind of like when you wag a dogs tail they become happy? Right, so honestly.. I'm not. Confidence is the most important … Continue reading Insecurities