If I say it, I mean it


If i tell you i love you i mean it. I do not throw that line around because it means a lot to me. If I say it to you, it will be true for the rest of my life. I will love the heck out of you because I feel it. I am indifferent to many people but do not test, or doubt my love for you. The words i say, the actions I take. Always for you!

Don’t compare me to your ex girlfriend,ex best friend, someone who has hurt you in the past because i’m not them. I want to earn your trust, I want to earn your love and then from there I would like to grow a relationship stronger than what I have with people with whom i am indifferent to. Don’t interpret my love, don’t assume my love just let it be. I will be affectionate if you are my lover, kind and giving if you are my friend, and I will be there for you in your biggest time of need or I will be the person who you can listen to. I will not betray your trust purposefully..

I am such a self-conscious person I care about what everyone thinks about me… not only that! I care about what I think about me.. and if i hurt you as much as someone has hurt me, betrayed me, judged me made you feel like i have and did, i would never forgive myself. I can’t hurt someone that I love, someone that I truly cared about so much to throw it all away for that four minutes of fame. Truth is, what will fade away, is the majority of people i have come across. They will forget about me, not care what i did or have done and it will be up to me and God to judge my life, if i lived it to the fullest and loved as much as i could have then what more could I have asked for. If i can live with myself at the end of the day.. wow, because i’m the hardest critique of myself. I’m not going to please everyone, but if that one person that thinks back about me in 10+ year and could say.. wow she was actually a “good determined person” I call that a success.



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