What is sentimental to you?

To me.. its the memories. It’s my senses, its not one particular thing though. The smell of rain, thinking at night, different colognes, and just the memories. I know the definition, i know its something that triggers.. but so many things trigger my memories. I have so many good ones. Writing this now, everything is going through my mind.

I have moved around my whole life, country to country. The only real thing i can hold on to are my memories. They are so vivd sometimes.. its like something triggers a memory and i can remember it like it was yesterday. Its amazing, but to me, its sad when other people don’t have good memories like that. Its sad when people can’t remember the good times and keep dwelling on the bad. In their defense they can’t help it sometimes. I remember the fist day I saw my first horse. I remember the day i had to leave that same horse behind. I remember loosing my virginity.

I remember in all the situations there was a thrill. It felt like something that just gave me a high and i want that feeling all the time. I don’t know if thats dangerous or not but …

i like it



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