How can the person you love so much hurt you and make you cry.

Dear significant other here are the three stages of my love,

To you- I will not tell you things if I don’t want you to listen and remember them. I will not tell you irrelevant information, I will want to share my life with you and i expect you to want to do the same with me. Please, please trust me. I want you to feel loved, wanted, and never lonely. I trust you believe that I don’t play around in my relationships. Never will I ever cheat on you, lie to you, for keep secrets from you. I am in the relationship because you have made me believe there is hope for us. I am with YOU because i see a future..Don’t take me for granted. My love isn’t something you can just waste and run down. Never think when i say something I want to hurt you, because the fact is… i love you. I always will  love you.. I just won’t always be there

Now me- I want cute things, I want you to love to do silly things with me, go on romantic dates, I love surprises. I want you to treat me like a queen even at my weakest hour. I want you to side with me but be diplomatic about resolving it. I want to be the only one you love, the other one you think about. I want you to feel like you’re the luckiest guy alive even if i don’t believe it. I want there to be no secrets between us. I want you to scout out my hints and realize what I want, I want you to care about me.. I honestly don’t ask for much. I am truly okay with just watching movies all day, talking, and laughing. Just show me that you love me, i want the cute things and it shouldn’t be a burden if you cared enough. If you wanted to please me these things should just come easy to you, to us. I love the good-morning texts and the i love yous at random times of the day. At the end of the day once or twice a year tell me how much i mean to you and ill do the same. Be the first one to text me on my birthday..? know the special dates to me and I trust you’ll expect the same in me. What you do for me i’ll do for you. It will make me more secure and the relationship should be a happy one.

The break-up-If you decided that you are bored with me, tired of me, annoyed of being with me… I hope you have the decency to break up with me. I don’t care if you just want to experiment more, if you want to try something new.. I am no ones back up. Don’t settle for me.. even if i am the easy way out. It isn’t fair to me. I don’t need an explanation as to why you’re breaking up with me but I need to know for my sake that it is actually over and that I can move on without dwelling over the past and over you. My love isn’t free, it will take me a while for me to love you, but I stay loyal and trustworthy. Don’t expect me to forgive you without an explanation though. Don’t expect that when you’re done with other girls and finally want a stable relationship for me to take you back. You have no right to use anything against me to take me back if you are the one who broke up with me. Chances are I will never forget.

Note to me- You are okay with yourself. You know any guy would be lucky to have you and the right one will come along soon enough. Please don’t slum for another guy, also don’t stay in an abusive relationship because not only physical abuse but mental about kills you a lot more. Take your own advice and stick to you word…..


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