Have you ever wondered why your animals love you so much..

yeah me too.

Sometimes I feel like God gave them to us to show us what real love looks like. You can abuse a dog and they will still love you. I have no experiences with other animals other than dogs, cats, and horses but from what I do know they kind of all go about love the same why just show it in different ways.

Dogs: Dogs are one the most lovable animals, and loving animals. I don’t deserve it half the time. I yell, and scream at them even when I know it isn’t their fault because they are just dogs. They don’t know any better. They come back to me every time i call them with big happy faces and butt shaking. I am so thankful for their eyes and how much comfort they bring to me. I understand how they are therapy animals and it is amazing how much you can love something that doesn’t speak to you with human words but just with their emotions.

Horses: Such therapeutic animals because they absolutely have the ability to kill me in one kick but they don’t. They are gentle giants and it doesn’t take much for them to become tame from birth. You can tell them anything and the responsibility that comes with them really makes you grow up. Not in a bad way, but in a healthy way. They give you a purpose to live…

They are such a good reason to live so God knew what he was doing. They are such a joy and I am very tankful for them just being in my life


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