I’m sorry

I’m sorry i’m irrational

I’m so i try to push your buttons

I’m sorry i don’t trust you.

I”m sorry that the reality is that i go home and cry at night for reasons you don’t understand. I’m sorry you won’t understand, i wish you could see, i wish i could explain. But. I. Just.Cant. I wish that i wasn’t so stressed out, emotionally drained, and depressed.

You keep telling me I’m over reacting, you say i’m dumb for crying. You view me as someone who isn’t aloud to cry. I’m sorry that I do, I’m sorry i’m an inconvenience to your life. If i could turn back time i would. I would erase your memory of me and i wouldn’t have come into your life. I wish i could kick you out of mine but i can’t.

I’m 17. You’re not much older so you don’t see how i could be this unhappy. I cry for hours on end, I lay in bed thinking of every terrible thing i could do to myself, my mind is running 24/7 and no one wants to stop it. Everyone expects something but doesn’t want to give anything in return. I don’t value my life as much as i should. I wish i had a good reason to be depressed, and i’m sorry i can’t give it to you..

Just leave me

I will understad


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